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Hi people ! All right?

How are you? I kinda messed up here more super active in me instagram @hairemakeupblog, well today the tip goes especially for men. I'll tell you a little about the CHAMARIPA store, where it has beautiful shoes, including one but beautiful one.

Already goes the tip for who wants to gift love or gifts father, uncle, some dear.

Ever heard of  men's boots  ? Many innovations and modernity for the boy to sweep in the look, of walk, dinner, anyway all occasions.

 Check out some details about this;

For those who do not know are known cuddles, shoes with a slight tilt in the back, and i particularly find a charm for men, very cool and stripped at the same time chic.

Those are just a few very many options I have chosen for you guys to feel with the store is complete.

A little about the store:

As the leading and most professional international brand of footwear for lifts, CHAMARIPA lifts Shoes Corporation was founded in 1996, manufacturing footwear for premium male lifts using the philosophy of quality, service and integrity. Taking the shoe to the level of an art form, each pair of CHAMARIPA shoes is carefully hand-crafted in a process that includes at least 32 separate production steps. No detail is too small, for the supreme quality is the cornerstone of the name CHAMARIPA.

I recommend super, check more details here
I hope you enjoyed the tips until the next

my choices at Chicgostyle online store

Hello, my darlings, is everything alright with you ?

Today I will indicate Chicgostyle, she works with clothes, accessories, shoes and other things.
The models available in the store has an incredible design and gives to compose several different looks.

I chose some parts below check;

I am in love with fashion blazers, I like to wear various shapes, dresses, pants, skirts, shorts and more. . .
In the store you will find many different models, colors and sizes, I am crazy here as a child in the playground, I think I will buy everything.

So my loves, the site has an endless variety of coats and blazers, a plus point is that each model has a different design for each occasion.
Some say that combining blazer looks is one of the most arduous tasks in the closet. That's because the blazer was, for a long time, considered a piece of the male closet, chic social and going out with her day-to-day if it were not for a job interview would be a big sin of fashion. Will be? That was it. The blazer is a haute couture item, but it has migrated to modernity and today it is a casual women's garment.
Surely on the site they will find that piece that suits you the most, and will come out raging at events throughout Brazil
Do as I do, pick your favorites and get it already.

 1 / 2 / 3 

Now it's time to share some cheap boots online with you, the store contains a lot of models, styles and incredible design.
I chose different models to have idea and to know a little of everything that has th there high heels, high boots and low boots are so beautiful that it is difficult to choose only one.

1 / 2 / 3 /

 Chicgostyle offers fast fashion at designer boutique quality. Our team of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends, at the same time examine every detail of product quality.

I hope you enjoyed the tips until the next

Christmas gifts in Berrylook

Hi darlings, whats up ?
Today I bring a nice tip, I recently met Berrylook a virtual store where you can do your shopping to gift this Christmas.
I made a short list of some products that I loved, and I'm sure to buy because the prices are very attractive.
Check below;

I chose three models of womens knitwear,

The pieces are very stylish and colorful, the models are also very varied has for all tastes and for any occasion coats, cardigans and dresses, all the meshes of impeccable quality.

Now we go to a part that is my passion the cheap women's boots, I chose some models that have conquered my heart, have low heels, high boots and also with ziper.The models are well assorted it is difficult to choose one.

I hope you like the tips, a kiss and until the next post.

BerryLook is your global online store that delivers latest fashion apparel for you! We have dresses, tops, bottoms and swimwear for girls and ladies. Thousands of products in different styles are waiting for you!

We value all our customers:

our professional customer service team is always here to help you. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Moreover, you can easily get your order anywhere in the world thanks to our worldwide shipping service!

Enjoy your shopping at

clothes for newborns on the Popreal site

Hi darlings, whats up ?

Today I will indicate a very cute store for you that is Mom to Popreal, there you will find a great variety of models for your children to be fashionable and well dressed.

In addition to finding clothes you can also buy super high-end accessories to complement your son or daughter's look.

I can also say that the company is the largest newborn baby outerwear  I chose some models of jackets, coats etc., so that they can meet and fall in love just like I was when I met.

Check out :

The popreal also boasts an immense amount of newborn baby girl clothes sets the quality and variety of sets for girls and boys.

have dresses, pants, leggings, shoes, tiaras and more.

I chose some that I fell in love with: is an online fashion boutique for newborn baby, Toddler, Kids clothing and accessories. We are committed to providing customers with unique, high quality and unique products. For the instant sales part, customers must complete the payment before the sale ends. At Popreal, we believe that making smart choices and easy choices is the same. It's exciting to know that there is a website that offers truly safe and healthy baby products, which leaves more time to enjoy life.
So my loves the company sends to Brazil as well as abroad, I hope you liked the tips, now go there to fill the little ones.
A big kiss and until the next

Flavia Pavanelli assina sua primeira coleção de cuidados diários e perfume com a Jequiti

Oii gente, tudo bem?

“Eu Flavia Pavanelli” apresenta seis produtos, com duas opções de fragrâncias: uma delicada, para usar no dia a dia, e outra sensual, para momentos em que você não quer passar despercebida 

Destaque na novela “As Aventuras de Poliana” do SBT e fenômeno nas redes sociais, com mais de nove milhões de seguidores no Instagram, uma das it girls mais carismáticas do Brasil, Flavia Pavanelli, estreia no portfólio da Jequiti com sua primeira coleção de cuidados pessoais e perfume: Eu Flavia Pavanelli.
A linha, em edição limitada, apresenta um ritual de beleza corporal com seis produtos , trazendo duas opções de fragrâncias para diferentes momentos. Para o dia a dia, a coleção possui Creme Hidratante para as Mãos, Óleo Monofásico Corporal, Loção Hidratante Corporal Colônia Splash, com perfumação feminina e delicada. Já para momentos em que você quer deixar sua marca por onde passar,  a linha oferece outra Loção Hidratante Corporal e um Perfume, que têm fragrância sensual e marcante.
“Acredito que o dia começa com uma boa rotina de hidratação e perfumação. Achei o máximo desenvolver duas fragrâncias que me representam, afirma a blogueira.
A atriz diz ainda: “o slogan da coleção ‘revele o contraste do seu lado delicado com o sensual’, mostra que assim como eu, toda mulher pode ter um lado mais leve e delicado e um lado mais impactante e sensual. Poder escolher a fragrância que combina com seumood do momento é tudo que nós mulheres precisamos”, garante.
#JequitiEuFlaviaPavanelli apresenta embalagens práticas e modernas, nas cores rosé e branco com  logotipo dourado.
“É muito gratificante ver a Flavia apaixonada pelo resultado da sua coleção, pois nosso time de inovação em conjunto com a it girl, pensamos em cada detalhe da embalagem e das fragrâncias para ressaltar sua personalidade feminina, delicada e ao mesmo tempo sensual”, afirma Paula Góes, gerente de cuidados com o corpo, da Jequiti.

                                                            Os produtos
                    Ritual Delicado de Cuidado com o Corpo Eu Flavia Pavanelli
            A fragrância deste ritual é feminina, delicada e confortável. As notas de topo de bergamota e damasco combinadas ao acorde verde junto ao bouquet floral de rosas trazem frescor, floralidade e leveza, enquanto as notas de baunilha, âmbar e patchouli assinam o fundo da fragrância com cremosidade.
Creme Hidratante Desodorante para as Mãos com Silicone (50g)
Para o carinho e cuidado diário com as mãos, a coleção traz esse Creme com fórmula exclusiva com silicone para hidratar, deixar um toque sedoso e perfumado em suas mãos.
Preço promocional: R$ 12,90. Preço regular: R$ 16,90.

Óleo Monofásico Desodorante Corporal (200ml)
Para quem tem a vida corrida, nada melhor do que hidratar a pele na hora do banho. Eu Flavia Pavanelli apresenta o Óleo Monofásico com fórmula que irá realçar o brilho natural da pele e deixá-la perfumada.
Preço promocional: R$ 26,90. Preço regular: R$ 36,90.

Loção Hidratante Desodorante Corporal Delicada (250ml)
Para o ritual diário depois do banho, a linha Eu possui a Loção Hidratante Delicada, com fragrância suave. Sua composição exclusiva possibilita uma pele macia, hidratada e perfumada.
Preço promocional: R$ 17,90. Preço regular: R$ 24,90.

Colônia Desodorante Splash (200ml)
Ideal para o dia a dia, o Splash finaliza o ritual delicado, prolongando a sensação de frescor do banho e reforçando ainda mais a perfumação do seu corpo. Ela é perfeita para ser aplicada a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar.
Preço promocional: R$ 24,90. Preço regular: R$ 36,90

Ritual Sensual de Cuidado com o Corpo Eu Flavia Pavanelli
 A fragrância deste ritual é exuberante e sensual. As notas de topo de frutas vermelhas combinadas ao bouquet floral de rosas, jasmim e flor de laranjeira no corpo trazem brilho e glamour, enquanto as notas de baunilha, âmbar e patchouli assinam o fundo da fragrância com sofisticação.

Loção Hidratante Desodorante Corporal Sensual (250ml)
Para aquele momento em que você não quer passar despercebida, tem a  a Loção Hidratante Sensual com uma fragrância exuberante e impactante. Sua composição exclusiva possibilita uma pele macia, hidratada e perfumada.
Preço promocional: R$ 17,90. Preço regular: R$ 24,90.

Perfume feminino (50ml)
A coleção estreia o Perfume feminino Eu Flavia Pavanelli com uma fragrância envolvente e sensual, que irá marcar momentos. Ele traz o caminho olfativo oriental sensual, que apresenta notas de frutas vermelhas combinadas com o brilho e glamour do bouquet floral e a sofisticação do âmbar e patchoulli.
Notas de saída: frutas vermelhas, pêra e pomelo.
Notas de corpo: íris, rosa e floral branco.
Notas de fundo: baunilha, âmbar e patchoulli.
            Preço promocional: R$ 47,90. Preço regular: R$ 59,90.

Os lançamentos podem ser adquiridos por meio de uma das 300 mil consultoras localizadas em todo o país ou pela loja on line:
Informações à imprensa:
Grasiela Caldeira 
GBR - CR Comunicação 
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